Camino de Las Vegas

Camino de Las Vegas

Camino de Las Vegas is a 7 or 12 kilometer loop trail located near Granadilla de Abona. It is considered moderate and can be done with normal shoes. It has a wonderful view over the Abona valley and the sea. On the way you will find old caves that were inhabited in the past.

How to get here

Easiest to get here is by car. Take exit 49 from TF-1 and follow the Chimiche/El Río/Las Maretas sign. When in Las Vegas, take the first road to the right (Calle Guajara), drive a few hundred meters and you will find a nice parking spot at GPS position: 28.147316, -16.548811. That parking spot is actually right on the loop, so you will come right back to your car.

Trail description

We suggest that you start walking clock-wise but be observant after about 270m, you should take the trail to the right. Continue upwards. After about 1.3km you will find interesting caves to the right. After 2.3km you will reach a point where the trail splits into two trails. You could take the trail marked "Muerte" to the left which will take you up the canyon and into a loop and back. We did not do that but continued on the main path. After 4.0 km you will reach a dirt road that will take you down again. At 5.8km you should take the yellow marked trail back to the right and it will take you all the way back to your car.


  • Min 642 m
  • Max 885 m

Distance / Time

  • Total 6.81 km
  • Elapsed Time 2:19:23